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E85 conversion unit Autoethanol® version 4.2 

Imagine your car quickly and easily on fuel E85 ethanol or methanol.

We introduce our newly developed certified conversion unit version 4.2. We have perfected this unit in a truly unique way, the unit has an engine’s temperature sensor, strong quality cables with lengths up to 1.5 m with precisely measured resistance and the news is also a new unique 6th program, which can adjust the timing of injections, with the right timing you can achieve an increased power and correction of the ethanol consumption. The unit has several certificates and meets the most stringent quality standards of the European Union.

The unit is suitable both for single and multi-point injection systems.

The control unit has 6 modes, 5 of modes can be programmed:
-0.petrol mode – without adjustment of injection (non-programmable)
-1.E70 mode - programmable
-2.E85 mode - programmable
-3.AUTO mode - fully automatic programmable
-4.COLD START mode: AUTOMATIC and MANUAL- programmable
-5.INJECTION TIMING mode- programmable

-cold starts are adjusted by processor using a digital temperature sensor and calculates enrichment by the current engine temperature from +30°C to -30°C

-sub-mode MANUAL COLD START- cold start can be activated at any time as required by turning the ignition key to II position and waiting 10 seconds before the start (enrichment value is according to the current setting, we recommend 70%). It is necessary to connect the yellow cable to the switch + 12 V after turning the key.

Due to the proper timing we can achieve increase in performance and in correction of ethanol consumption.

Thanks to the programming of the unit you will achieve the best consumption of your vehicle.

The unit version 4.2 recognizes the injectors polarity itself, it is not necessary to look for polarity as in case of our old versions.

The unit is programmed with a button on the unit, it is not necessary to use USB!

We have been performing the installation more than three years.

Our company offers 15 days for unit testing.

15 days refund guarantee for tested products !!!

2 years warranty on unit.

Warranty card.


We are official manufacturers and distributors in EU.

We send instructions in English together with unit, which will help you to install the unit.

If you have any questions, please contact our technician, phone number +420 777 978 021.

Low price of ethanol fuel, 0.90,-euro/litre

Boost the engine performance by 10-15%!

Ethanol E85 has a higher octane rating (109) than a conventional gasoline and improves engine performance by 10 to 15%.

Ethanol E85 meets very strict Euro5 emission standard!

You can fill up the tank with petrol or E85 Ethanol, it is not necessary to install another tank!

When burning E85 ethanol, there is up to 70% less CO2 emissions, so that it saves environment.

An installation kit can be installed in any other engine at any time. E.g. in case of sale of the vehicle, it is not a problem to easily remove the kit and install it in a new car!

Ethanol E85 is a certified fuel and meets the requirements of CSN 656512.

Do not pay for too expensive Natural95/98 (unleaded petrol), drive more cheaply and even with more power!


Ethanol does not harm the engine!

Ethanol cannot harm the engine since it burns cooler than gasoline and thus, it actually increases engine life. Therefore, engine parts such as valves, pistons, head and others are exposed to less thermal stress, it warms up less and thus creates less carbon and sediments. Ethanol also has a cleaning ability, and therefore, parts such as jets, pump, wiring, are kept in clean conditions.

Ethanol is not corrosive!

Ethanol is very often confused with methanol. Methanol is corrosive, Ethanol IS NOT. Ethanol is doing exactly the same as petroleum distillate. The corrosion such as is caused by water, not by fuel. Ethanol is collecting water – therefore it dissolves it. Assuming that there was no water in the tank before filling ethanol, it will not be there after, on the contrary - there will be less water as it gradually dissolves in the fuel and disappears during burning of the mixture.

Ethanol does harm gasket and tubes!

Unless you have a veteran with cork gasket. Yet in case of cars that were manufactured in 70s of the last century, it is recommended to check the whole fuel line. There is not too danger in case of vehicles manufactured since the late 90's. At that time there were used silicone, rubber and neoprene tubing.

It will start even in winter season!

Yes, but depending on the quality of fuel - Ethanol, summer E85 and winter E70. So if the morning temperatures are lower than + 7 ° C, it is advisable to use the winter blend and refuel full tank with 4L to 8L of unleaded petrol. So, if you fill up the tank with summer blend E85 in winter, it may happen that the engine starts up the second or third time. The Ethanol’s attribute is such that it starts burning in some warm cylinder and ideally, in the harsh winter, let the engine warm up a bit shortly after start. -

performance improvements of 10-15%                                                                                      
increase in consumption of 10-25%
cheap running, low initial price
no additional tanks necessary  
fast assembly (with absolutely minimal intervention in the vehicle 
reduction of CO2 emissions up to 70 % (vehicle conforms EURO5 after adjusting), opportunity to go to the underground garages  
after assembly it is not necessary to have the unit serviced regularly, possibility to refuel both Ethanol E85 and classical unleaded petrol Natural 95 (do not mind a mixture of unleaded petrol N95 and E85).

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