Fuel savings calculator - Ethanol E85:

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E85 ethanol Conversion Kits

We develop the unique E85 conversion sets for you!

Have you decided that conversion of an engine into ethanol E85 is the most sensible choice? If you have chosen our company for the implementation, we can only congratulate you. Our team of leading experts and specialists in the automotive and aircraft engines constantly develops and improves for you the comfort E85 conversion sets, which, due to its uniqueness, earned a decent place at Scandinavian, American, South American and Australian market. Select a leader in the field and forget about the conversion into LPG. An E85 car, due to its unique properties, will not only save your money, but also defeats with its performance any car with LPG. Do something for yourself and your environment - drive ecologically and economically!

Ethanol is unique - our work is unique.

Ethanol and its use as a fuel have several advantages.Its price is not just really low, but the assembly and disassembly of device goes without installing of any additional tank and is really easy and fast. Ethanol E85 also increases efficiency and protects the engine against wearing out. And we could continue talking about the advantages of this fuel on and on. But it is not only ethanol E85, what makes it unique. To make your ecologic and economic driving really enjoyable, we have developed the conversion kits that you will surely appreciate. Easy adjustability of the frequency of injection and clear installation instructions in English is the natural thing. Try our unique products, which we are constantly developing. Choose the best of the best!


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